Sports Betting Strategies: Tips for Winning

Many people think that a disproportionate dose of the C-factor is enough to win at sports betting. Although luck obviously plays a role, in reality the best bettors are not the happiest people in the world, but the people who study and use the most effective methods before placing bets at Bet22 .

Strategy #1: Bank Management

Proper bankroll management is the cornerstone of any sports betting strategy, a concept common to many other high-paying games like poker. But what does fund management actually mean?

We can sum it up in one simple sentence: never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. There is nothing good or bad, because everyone has to be aware of their own economic situation: some consider a €10 bet an expensive investment, others consider it normal.

It is important that as soon as the budget is set (the table is at least 50 times the stake, 100 is better), the individual bets are distributed. For example, you can decide that each bet equals 2% of your savings account: this allows you to increase or decrease the bet amount as your savings account increases or decreases.
Strategy №2: Stay in the know

If you really want to win at sports betting, you should specialize in one or at most two. In this way you can easily keep up to date with all the news, results, physical condition and possible injuries of the players of the sport you have chosen.

This is important information to know before placing a sports bet as a favorite team can sometimes struggle to play against a disadvantaged team if they cannot field their best players or if they are coming out of a crisis period (from and game) come.

If you don’t keep up and study the stats of the sports you bet on, your edge (ie house edge) will shrink even more. Because of course the bookmaker does his part and always knows what happens before, during and after the games you bet on!
Strategy #3: Don’t overdo it with multiples

Multiple bets are a special type of betting that allows you to place multiple outcomes on a single account. With multiples, all odds are multiplied, resulting in a higher final price the more events occur and the higher the relative odds.

For multiples, the probabilities are multiplied together, giving a final guess of 24.587712 in this case. This means that if you bet €10 you could win €245.88 (rounded up), giving you a profit of €235.88. Sounds good right?

The fact of the matter is that multiple bets are very difficult to guess because it’s like poker: it’s all or nothing. It only takes one event not to go in the expected direction to thwart any effort. It doesn’t matter if the other four in our example are right: if one is wrong, nothing is gained.
Strategy №4: Play in real time

Live betting allows you to implement a variety of strategies that you might not be able to employ if you were limited to pre-event sports betting. All bookstores are currently offering live games and will update odds as the game progresses.

Playing live is very useful and convenient because, first of all, it gives you the opportunity to protect yourself from events that you have already bet on. For example, suppose you are betting that an underdog soccer team will win at odds of 4.50. With 바다이야기 remaining, this team will win at odds of 4.50. With 15 minutes to go and this side are in the lead despite frantic attacks from their rivals in search of an equaliser.

As we get closer to the end of the game, the odds that the losing team will score are significantly higher than they were at the beginning – betting on the underdog’s chance of scoring can protect and in some cases turn a profit. You win or lose your original bet.

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