Useful Tips for Winning at Online Casino Holdem

As the name suggests, Casino Holdem is a poker variant very similar to Texas Hold’em. In this game, however, you will not have to fight against other real players, but against the dealer, whether it is a land-based or online casino.

In Casino Holdem, it’s just you and the dealer. Also being 온라인카지노 standardized game of automatisms than Texas Hold’em, Casino Holdem is perfect if you want to relax playing online poker. Here are some tips for winning at Casino Holdem .

Tips for Online Casino Holdem

1 📚 Learn the rules of the game

Maybe you already know how to play Texas Hold’em and think that this is enough to win at Casino Holdem: wrong! As I told you, the two games are similar, but not the same. In Casino Holdem, for example, it is not enough to beat the dealer to win the hand: the dealer must qualify, otherwise you only win one of the two bets provided.

If you are totally new to the game, then you can also try a few games of Texas Hold’em before playing Casino Holdem, just to get an idea of ​​the type of game you will face.

The best advice for learning the rules however remains to read our casino holdem guide and practice free casino holdem here at Betnero.

2 ⛔ Avoid the AA bet, but play most hands

Casino Holdem offers the so-called AA bet as a side bet: to win it you don’t have to worry about beating the dealer, only about making a strong hand. If you do this with the AA bet activated, the payout is higher, but this kind of bet gives the house a very high edge and is actually not convenient.

If we were talking about Texas Hold’em, advising you to play most of the hands would be a huge mistake. But in Casino Holdem you can’t afford to always stop after the ante if you don’t have a strong starting hand like a pair or high cards – it would be like playing losing.

Since Casino Holdem is a game where you have to beat the dealer, don’t worry too much about your starting hand, as the dealer’s hand is likely to be poor too. In fact, remember that the dealer is forced to play with all hands!

✨ Some casino holdem strategy tips

Here’s when you should always raise at Casino Holdem:

♣ When you have an ace
♥ When you have a king
♠ When you have a couple
♦ When you have a flush draw
★ When you have a straight draw

In general, remember that the higher your cards are than the community cards (flop, turn and river), the higher your chances of winning. You can fold when there is a two pair on the board and your highest card is less than 10, or if you are holding a lower pair than the two on the board.

🃏 Live Casino Holdem and Online Casino Holdem

Online Casino Holdem and Live Casino Holdem are virtually identical games, so if you have learned to play one, you will automatically be able to play the other as well. The biggest difference is that in online Casino Holdem there is no real dealer, while in Live Casino Holdem you will be able to interact with a live dealer.

Mainly it is a question of timing . In online Casino Holdem you can dictate your own times, but in Live Casino Holdem, as you will be playing with other connected people like you, you will have to respect the times set by the dealer.

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