Methods for winning at roulette

Roulette is called the “queen” of the casino for a reason. Despite the fact that the popularity of this entertainment has faded a bit against the background of the widest distribution of video slots, however, roulette still retains its title. Therefore, the question of how to win at roulette has been worrying the minds of people for more than one century.

During the existence of roulette, many strategies, tactics and methods have been developed that help to play and win, according to the assurances of their creators. The realities of modern life are such that today the game of roulette is possible, for the most part, in the virtual sphere.

However, in reality, there is no strategy that allows you to beat roulette in a casino with a 100% guarantee. According to legends, the creator of roulette himself went mad because he could not develop such a tactic.

All the strategies that exist today can help you win at an online casino and get real money, exclusively in one or several separate rounds when playing roulette. When it comes to an infinite period of time, everything depends solely on luck.

Before giving 카지노사이트 that increase the chances of success, we should recall the main goal of playing roulette in any casino. It consists in guessing on which number or numbers the ball will stop during the rotation of the roulette wheel, having previously placed bets on them.

Online roulette

We present to your attention common roulette strategies that help more than one generation of gamblers to play and win on such slots:

Martingale is the most popular winning tactic. Its effectiveness is based on placing bets on equivalent events. In this case, the probability of winning is 50% (zero is not taken into account). You can bet on red and black, even and odd, high and low numbers. If you win, the event is reversed, if you lose, the bet is doubled and the event is repeated. Thus, the bet on a particular machine is doubled until the player receives a win;
Labouchere is essentially a negative progression. 4 numbers are supposed to be randomly selected. Then bets are placed on equal positions, with 1 and the last digit of the sequence summed up. If the bet wins, the numbers are crossed out. If it loses, the number is added to the end of the sequence;
Cuban – the technique is based on the uneven distribution of red and black colors over the area of ​​​​the roulette slot. All numbers are arranged in 3 lines. On the middle one there are more black sectors, on the third one there are more red ones. At the same time, on the first line, the sectors are evenly distributed by color. If you use this roulette strategy, you should bet on black in 2 lines, on red – in 3;
Biarritz is a tactic also called the Makarov system. It is extremely simple – the bet should be placed on 1 number, in case of victory, the winning amount will be 36 times the amount of the bet. In case of loss, the bet is repeated on the same number and duplicated 36 times. If during this time the bet has not played, it is doubled by 37 times;
Thomas Donald system – the player must always bet on an identical color. If a win is received, the bet is reduced by 1 unit, in case of a loss, it is increased. The main idea of ​​its effectiveness is that sectors of the same color must fall out the same number of times during the throws.
Titanic is a system that involves making bets exclusively on dozens.

Card game strategies

Such a category of slot machines as card games are very popular among a wide variety of online casino visitors precisely because their result depends not only on the smile of Fortune, but also on the skills and abilities of the player himself. Unlike other slot machines presented in online casinos, it is cards that allow you to show your skills to the maximum, earning real money with it.

It is in card games that the use of various winning strategies and tactics is most justified. With their help, you can play and win large sums both on online slot machines and in real gambling establishments. Without a doubt, the most popular card games are poker and blackjack.

We should not forget that you can earn money only by carefully studying the rules of a particular machine. Since the lack of knowledge invariably leads to a loss. And only after studying all the theoretical aspects, you can proceed to the application of a particular winning method in practice.

All existing strategies and tactics that allow you to play and win in card games are based on a clear mathematical calculation, so it is very important to remember all the cards that came out of the game, as well as your own moves. You should not neglect the free demo mode of the casino , since it is here that you can get acquainted with all the theoretical features of the gaming process of a particular slot machine, without the risk of losing your own money.

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