How to Win at Online Slots with Low Stakes Tactics

Most players have a limited budget for games. Therefore, in order to squeeze out the maximum pleasure and get as many chances for a big win as possible, you need to properly manage this budget. One option to make your deposit last longer is to play at low stakes. However, for this tactic to work, you need to develop a set of clear rules, the execution of which will determine the success of your game.

The ratio of rates and paylines

First of all, you need to learn how to calculate your chances for a final plus. As you know, the biggest winnings occur in the bonus games. Most online slot machines are programmed to give the player a bonus game every 140-150 spins. Thus, you need to spend an average of 140-150 spins per game before you have a chance to hit the big jackpot. Therefore, your budget should be calculated for at least 150 spins.

Slots with different returns

In principle, online slot machines are divided into three types according to the return criterion. The first type with a low return difference is online slots that have a large number of winning combinations, but with low odds. For example, there are about 200 combinations in total, but each of them will increase your bet by only 2 times. The second type is slots with balanced combinations and payouts. In other words, there will be fewer winning combinations, but more winnings. 카지노사이트 are slot machines, which will give little chance of winning. But if the winning combination has already been knocked out by the player, then the winnings will be huge.
Based on this division, you must carefully choose your machine. Since with the first type, you will have the opportunity to get a profit with small winnings. Plus, this one will also be small, but the tactics of playing at low stakes are ideal for this type. At the same time, when playing slot machines with a large difference in payouts, you can lose the entire deposit without waiting for a big win. Using Casino Bonuses Another option to continue the life of your gaming deposit is to use casino bonuses. So, almost every one of them offers its new and old customers various welcome bonuses. The most profitable of them are those that promise to increase your first deposit by 2 or 3 times. Such welcome bonuses, for example, are offered by top online casinos in Ukraine

Using these bonuses, you will get access to slot machines with minimal investment. However, you must be careful and carefully read the conditions for receiving the bonus. So, some of the conditions do not allow playing according to the low stakes strategy, as they immediately require you to make the maximum possible bet or bet in the amount of the bonus and deposit.
In this case, there is a way out in the use of no deposit bonuses. This money will not be a pity for the game, even if the wager provides for large bets. In the long run, the tactics of small bets can bring winnings that will cover the bonus money many times over. Thus, even if the bonus is later taken away from you, the game funds will still remain on your account.

Instead of a conclusion

With any tactics of the game, you must remember that sooner or later the session must end. Ideally, this session should end with a plus. Therefore, so that the excitement does not blind your eyes, and your deposit can provide you with other sessions in the future, you need to control the course of the game. For example, you can set yourself a specific goal – to get a plus of 1000 hryvnia. And then immediately withdraw money from the casino. Thus, you will have both money on hand and your deposit will stay afloat.

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