How to bet on tennis – Detailed instructions

How tennis betting works

It’s no secret that you can beat the bookmaker only at a distance, and getting everything “here and now” is almost impossible. The mandatory skills of every bettor are to control their bank, play thoughtfully, be able to endure and wait. It is also advisable to use tennis betting strategies and systems. Only in this case, betting will work for you, and not against.

The ability to track the form of players. In team sports, keeping track of the form of the participants in the match is more difficult. Agree, in order to analyze the state of two football teams (11 players at the start plus substitutes), it will take a lot of time. Quite another thing is a tennis duel, in which 2 or 4 athletes participate. Of course, the main thing is not to miss the moment when the form of a tennis player passes from the peak stage to the peak stage. Typically, each stage of such a cycle lasts for a player for 3-4 weeks, for top athletes, the peak stage can last longer. Please note that in women’s tennis, the result can be significantly influenced by non-sporting factors – the same “critical days”.
Competition regularity. There are almost always bets on tennis in the bookmaker’s line, with the exception of a few weeks at the end of each year. But even at this time, bookmakers manage to find low-level tennis matches and offer them for predictions. Many tennis tournaments are held indoors, that is, they do not depend on the season and weather.
A large number of comebacks during the match. This factor can be attributed to both pluses and minuses of tennis. But if you are really good at tennis and know the intricacies of the psychology of the participants in the match, you can use comebacks to your advantage. You can also draw a parallel with a sport such as ping-pong.

Tennis odds

Many players do not attach importance to the coefficients, but this approach is erroneous. Even by including a margin of 1-2% in quotes, the office will beat more than 95% of clients at a distance, and they will not even notice it.

Most betting beginners do not pay attention to the odds factor and continue to play in the chosen office, no matter what. Let’s say you signed up with Betcity, which, by the way, generally offers decent tennis quotes. But now you have chosen a match for a bet and you see that your bookmaker offers odds for the desired outcome. 1.7, while the conditional “1xBet” gives 1.75.

At the same time, how many bettors will begin to register in a new office, go through verification again and study the site interface? Of course, almost everyone will bet for odds of 1.7 at Betsity and will consider that they have made a good choice. But remember that even a possible increase in the coefficient by 0.5-1% will greatly affect your income at the end of the month or year of the game.

Odds for tennis matches largely depend on the popularity of the tournament and the match. So, for the matches of the Grand Slam tournaments, the offices put up the smallest margin. Further, it grows inversely with decreasing importance of tournaments: Masters 1000, ATP and WTA-500, 250, Challengers, International Tennis Premier League and the US Open.

메이저사이트 can bet on tennis at any legal bookmaker . “1xBet” stands out with the smallest margin, and good odds can also be found in the already mentioned “Betsity” and “Marathon”.

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