How to bet on basketball – Detailed instructions

How basketball betting works

Any bet in the bookmaker’s office will have a chance of success only when you play deliberately and consciously. The obligatory ability of a bettor is to control his bank and be able to endure and wait, it is also desirable to use strategies and betting systems.

Betting on basketball at bookmakers has its advantages and disadvantages. The first ones include:

a large number of equally probable events. This is especially true in the NBA, where any team can beat any, and this is unlikely to become a big sensation. Therefore, most professional players and cappers play just on such outcomes in order to get the most even profit over a long distance;
high limits and low margins in the NBA. Since this league accounts for the largest volume of bets in the basketball world, bookmakers are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for bettors by reducing margins and setting very large limits. This feature is more characteristic of large Western offices, but domestic bookmakers offer standard limits for the NBA – the same as for the Euroleague or national championships;
the regularity of the games. Many basketball teams play 2-3 games a week, and in the same NBA this number can be even higher. Accordingly, basketball has become very attractive to statistics lovers due to the large sample size. In addition, the NBA is played even on New Year’s Eve – on December 31 and January 1, these are almost the only big markets in the line that you can bet on.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then the main thing can be called a modest painting for most basketball games. Many bookmakers are completely limited to handicap, total and main outcomes.

How basketball betting works depends largely on the bettor himself. Deep analysis, competent bank management, the right choice of office and markets – and you will start beating the bookmaker on a regular basis. Oddspedia aims to make life as easy as possible for gamblers by offering numerous betting tools and detailed basketball statistics.
Basketball odds

Odds for basketball matches largely depend on the popularity of the tournament and the match. So, for matches of the National Basketball Association (NBA), all the leading bookmakers and the world expose a modest margin – this is the profit that the bookmaker will receive regardless of the outcome of the match. With low margins, bettors can bet at high odds.

Also worthy odds can be found for matches of the main European tournament – the Euroleague . The volume of bets on it is less than on the NBA, but still very decent. European bookmakers include a relatively small margin in Euroleague odds, but US bookmakers, where this tournament is not so popular, underestimate quotes.

If we talk about Russian bookmakers, then in domestic offices there are very decent odds for the matches of the VTB United League. The best teams in Russia play here, as well as the Belarusian Tsmoki-Minsk, the Polish Zielona Gora, the Estonian Kalev and the Kazakh Astana. It is not surprising that bettors from the countries of the former USSR are interested in the VTB League. The flow of bets on the matches of this tournament is good, therefore, the bookmakers are doing their best to keep this trend. Including – they set a low margin and give a good painting.
The most common types of basketball bets

There are not as many betting markets for basketball as there are for hockey and especially football. At the same time, basketball is in the line of each bookmaker, so it will not be difficult for a bettor to make a bet. In addition to the main outcomes (the victory of one of the teams or a draw, which is extremely rare), you can bet on the results of quarters, halves, bets are accepted on the number of points, rebounds, assists scored by a player or team for the entire match.
Single bet (Moneyline)

The easiest betting option is on the outcome of the match. Another name for this market is Money Line (“money line”) – this is an American form of betting on the victory of one of the opponents or a draw.

Draws in this sport are extremely rare, but they still happen. Therefore, the coefficient for a draw (X) is usually at least 11.0. Please note: when betting on a draw, only the regular time of the match is taken into account. If the teams started to play overtime, your bet on a draw has won.

Some bookmakers accept bets on the victory of the hosts (Win1) or away (Win2) with overtime (OT), some without it. Carefully study the line and rules of the bookmaker before placing a bet on the outcome in basketball. For example, in the NBA match “Washington Wizards” – “Atlanta Hawks” on October 29, 2021, odds are offered to win the guests in regular time. 1.78, and to win, taking into account overtime – 1.69. On 사설토토 of the hosts, they give 2.52 (without OT) and 2.34 (with OT) respectively.

Handicap in basketball shows the final difference in the score in favor of one of the teams. When betting on a handicap, you need to guess whether the difference in the score will be more or less than the specified value.

As in other sports, the handicap can be negative (for the favorite) or positive (for the underdog). If you bet on a team with a handicap (-5.5), you want it to win by at least 6 points. If your bet is a handicap (+5.5), then you need to root so that the selected team does not lose by more than 5 points.

In the lines of some bookmakers, you can buy a handicap. So, in the bookmaker “1xBet” for the match “Washington” – “Atlanta” you can bet on guests with a handicap in the range from (+22.5) to (-27.5). Accordingly, odds are offered for the hosts from (-22.5) to (+27.5).

A match total in basketball is a bet on the total number of points that two teams will score in a match. In addition, bookmakers offer to bet on the individual total of each team in the match, on the total total in quarters and halves, on the total of a particular player: how many points he will score, how many fouls, assists, rebounds he will make.

The total is denoted by the letter “T” followed by “B” (over) or “M” (under). At the end, a numerical value is indicated, more or less than which you bet. Totals, as well as odds, can be bought in addition, both up and down.

Most bookmakers accept bets on total including overtime. This applies to the overall total of the match and the individual total of the teams. But bets on the personal total of players (individual statistics) are more often accepted only for regular time (excluding OT).

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