Batteries for tennis

Accumulators in betting are bets on several outcomes at once in different fights. In another way, these bets are called “express”.

Betting professionals do not recommend betting parlays, because the chances of success in this case are small. Sometimes 사설토토 to guess the outcome of one equal match – how can you predict the outcome of 3-4 fights at the same time? But for the passage of the express train, you need to play all the events in it.

However, tennis accumulators are extremely popular among betting beginners, because with such a bet, the odds of all selected events are multiplied. Often, inexperienced players choose 10 or more matches in which a very small odds (1.2 or less) are offered to win the favorite and combine them into an accumulator.

However, easy, at first glance, money almost never comes. Even the clear favorite of the match can have a bad day, bad mood, loss of motivation. In the end, just because of one tennis player, the entire accumulator will collapse.
Set score

A tennis match may consist of three or a maximum of five sets. The second format is found only in the Grand Slam tournaments, of which there are only four in a year: the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. In all other tournaments, a player needs to win two sets to win a match.

The bet on the score by sets offers to guess the final score by sets. For example, by betting on 2-0, you predict that the player you bet on will win both sets. It is more difficult to guess the outcome of the match at the Grand Slams: firstly, there each player fights with all his might for big prize money and his own prestige, and secondly, in a five-set match there are much more options for the development of events.
Individual Total

There are bets on individual total (IT) in almost every sport, and tennis is no exception. The bettor is asked to guess how many games or sets a particular tennis player will take in a match.

The individual total is calculated based on the ratio of the strengths of the opponents. For example, a clear favorite is usually given IT 11.5 with a modest coefficient for more. It is assumed that a stronger tennis player will confidently deal with his opponent, therefore, he will score exactly 12 games. In this case, IT is offered for the underdog of the fight in the region of 6.5 – 7.5.

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