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메이저사이트 -term bets (another name – outrights) on basketball are made before the start of the tournament. Most often, bookmakers offer to bet:

to the winner of a particular competition;
to the place that the team will take at the end of the championship (for example, whether it will get into the top three);
on the exit of the team from the group;
to pass to a certain stage of the playoffs;
for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the tournament.

The undisputed leaders in the number of long-term bets are the NBA, Euroleague and continental competitions among national teams (world and European championships). Outrights for the VTB League are also popular in Russian offices.

If we talk about special bets on basketball, then they are not as popular as football bets. Unless in some lines you can find offers regarding famous basketball players. For example, will LeBron James and his son, Bronnie, play for the same team before the end of his father’s career.
How do live basketball betting work?

Basketball is well suited for live betting. Events are changing dynamically, so the clear favorite can pull out incredible fights, playing back a gap of 20 or more points. Experienced bettors can use this by using, for example, the “forks” strategy: bet on a team to win for a high odds, wait for it to lead, and bet on an opponent for a high odds.

Every year, live betting on basketball is gaining popularity. In many ways, this is facilitated by the development of technology and mobile Internet. Benefits of this type of bet:

the ability to follow the course of events and respond quickly to them. Let’s say team 1 was the clear favorite, but after the first half they lose by 10-12 points. Accordingly, the odds for the victory of rivals will be approximately equal. Very often in matches in the second half, a stronger team sweeps away the opponent, and therefore in such a situation, you can risk betting on P1 for a good odds;
live bets make it possible to feel involved in the event and add emotions when watching a meeting;
bookmakers calculate live bets much faster than in prematch. If you bet on a specific quarter, that if you win, you will receive money immediately after the end of this segment of the game.

How to bet on basketball: step by step instructions

Each bookmaker has several features of betting on basketball and sports in general, but, by and large, the algorithm is the same everywhere. Step-by-step instructions for betting on basketball will suit beginner bettors who are still poorly versed in this area.

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