100 thousand per month on games – the experience of Russian gamers and testers

Games are a major industry that affects the lives of millions of people. It’s no surprise that there is a huge amount of money spinning in this niche. How to join the industry and make money if you have no knowledge in game development or no gaming experience at all? There are 8 ways.

NFT games for earning

NFT games are similar to other pay-to-earn games where you can earn money, but instead of regular money, people here earn virtual assets – tokens or NFTs. The former can be sold on crypto exchanges, while the latter can be collected or sold on special platforms – virtual auctions. All settlements with the player take place in the in-game cryptocurrency (ETH, SPS, GODS, TOWN).

The four most popular NFT games in 2022 are:

Gods Unchained;
Ax Infinity;
town star.

All these games have one thing in common: in order to earn money, you will have to spend money at the start either on cards, or on developing a farm, or on in-game items, or on buying characters. But, judging by the reviews on independent platforms, NFT games have an impressive profitability. You don’t need any special knowledge – just an input capital and time to play daily.
Splinterlands is a collectible card game that allows players to earn by owning cards and other in-game assets

In Splinterlands, you have to buy cards to earn money

As in “adult” games (for example, in MMORPG), in NFT games, the character needs to be “pumped” and developed. You buy an NFT game, play it regularly (gain experience), and then sell some item or character.
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Publishing articles about games on your own website

Game content monetization is one of the most promising ways to make money on games. 바둑이 create a website where you regularly post high-demand articles about a specific game or an entire industry (such as eSports or popular MMORPGs). Content should be expert and high quality.

It is better to publish articles about games on your website every day for at least six months. If you are in the industry, write articles yourself, if not, you will have to hire an expert writer

Next, choose how you want to monetize your content. The most obvious option is to participate in the affiliate program of the Yandex advertising system (previously it was possible to work with Google AdSense on more favorable terms, but now this service does not work in Russia), which will place banners on your site.

Every day, new users will open your site, see ads, and you, as a webmaster, will begin to receive affiliate rewards. In terms of cost per click in contextual advertising, the game is a strong average. Only finances, loans and real estate are more expensive.

The advantage of your own thematic website for games is predictable earnings. The main thing is to collect initial traffic and publish new articles regularly. In the future, you will regularly receive money on the card (for example, once a month, as is the case with Google AdSense).

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