The history of slot machines

Did you know that the first casino machines, called “one-armed bandits,” appeared in 1891. New York?

All merit went to Sittman & Pitt . Even then, the combination of certain symbols meant the player won. The first 먹튀검증 slot machine had 5 reels, each with 10 cards.

In addition, the old slot machines did not pay out direct winnings, but the winners were left with nothing but receiving, for example, drinks, food or other services.

The first casino machines did not pay out the winnings themselves, so the satellites did it. The winners received tickets or tokens. 1893

Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze developed the Horseshoe slot machine . It introduced the first automatic payout mechanism. Everything continued to develop even faster.

Basically, the pioneer of 토토사이트 machines is considered to be Charles August Fey, a mechanic from San Francisco who in 1895. has introduced the first classic slot machine similar to today ‘s casino slot machines. The same mechanic also created the Liberty Bell , which was the most famous casino slot machine at the time. You had to collect a combination of three bells to get the corresponding benefit. Because gambling was illegal in California, there were a lot of competitors in other countries.
The history of slot machines

It is also worth mentioning the Operator Bell 사설토토 slot machine, which was built in 1907. created by Herbert Mills. It was so popular that it was easily found in various bars, tobacco shops, taverns, bowling clubs and even brothels.

Until 1964. the slot machines were only mechanical. That year , Bally launched the first electromechanical Money Honey slot machine .

Although it was electrically operated, it was still necessary to lower the lever to start playing. This slot machine could automatically pay out up to 500 coins.

Its popularity has grown worldwide and electromechanical devices have begun to dominate the market.

1976 Fortune Coin introduced the first video slot machine to be tested at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas . A modified 19-inch Sony TV was used for the game. A few years later (1978) , Fortune Coin acquired IGT.

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