80% of Professional Poker players use brain enhancers, research reveals

The world of sport has been mulled by controversies with athletes using substances which can boost their performance. A new study reveals that even 라이브카지노 poker players will do something to an extent to enhance their level of play. A research conducted by experts at the Nova Southeastern University found out that a big chunk of poker players turn to substances to help them with the long hours on the poker table.

NSU conducted a survey of professional players suggests that 80% of them turn to certain substances to jack up their performance and have some edge during tournaments.

This does not really imply use of diuretics or steroids but the 12 hours of poker make the players turn to energy drinks, marijuana, or alcohol. Players cite reasons like trying to stay awake or staying focus why they take such substances.

The survey reveals that about 28% are pill poppers during a tournament to help them with performance. Majority of these players got their drugs without any prescription.

Players also love caffeine as 57% of the surveyed pros admitted to gulping it up during 카지노사이트 poker tournaments. Energy drinks top the list with 41% using them.

There is also a big chunk at 27% of 우리카지노 poker players admitting to smoking marijuana prior to a game while 24% prefer alcohol too boost their poker potentials.

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