What is the money line in the total bets?

The payout on total bets is determined in the same way as for handicap (spread) bets, by the corresponding money line indicated in parentheses next to the total points.

Using the NBA example above, if a bettor bets 218½ (-110) “over”, he must risk $ 110 to win $ 100. Similarly, the margin can be a positive number. For example, if a bettor bets on the “lower” 218½ (+105), he must risk $ 100 to win $ 105.
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📌4. Combination bet options:
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🔸What is a combined or Parlay?

A parlay or combination is a type of 바다이야기 bet in which several individual bets (usually 2 to 10) are combined into a single bet. Combining the bets gives you a lower chance of winning, but offers a much higher reward for winning. The higher the number of bets included in your parlay, the higher your bet payout.

Here is the standard paytable used in Las Vegas, Nevada:

For a parlay bet to win, each individual bet on the ticket must win. For example, let’s say I bet the Patriots, Ravens, and Texans will win their games. If all three win, I will get a much higher payout than if I bet each game individually. However, if any of those teams lose their bet, you will lose the entire ticket.
Exceptions :

The only exception is in the case of a push or tie. If one of the ticket games ties, that bet is removed from the parlay. So in the case of our previous three-team bet, if the Ravens tied their game, it becomes a two-bet parlay. If the Patriots and Texans win their games, the bet is paid as a 2-team parlay. The payout will be less than if all three of them won, but hey, you’ll still win some money!

While the odds of winning big bets from 5-10 teams are relatively low, they allow you to risk a small amount of money for a potentially large reward. For example, a 10-team parlay bet purchased for $ 25 would pay more than $ 16,000 if it won all the games.

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