What is a Teaser?

Teaser bets are the best thing that has happened to 바다이야기betting since the invention of the online casino. A teaser bet allows you to move that point spread in a way that is favorable to you (usually between 6 and 7.5 points). You get a lower payout if you win vs. a parlay, but moving the margin vastly improves your chances of winning.

So, using the Patriots and Texans example above, we had the Patriots favorites by -3 points, in a 6-point Teaser the handicap line will move 6 points in favor of the bettor, with the Patriot’s result of -3 points. At +3 points in the handicap, in the same way, when selecting a positive handicap it is added in favor of the bettor, if we had taken Texans + 3 in our teaser, we would end up with Texans + 9.

What’s even better is that you not only have the handicap margin, you can also move the total points or “ups/downs” for a particular event. Therefore, if the total points were 53½ as in our previous example, you could reduce that line to 46½ (advance of 7 points) if you bet on the Over. Or, you can bet on the Under / Low by moving the line to 60½.

⚠️ Worth noting:

In this type of bet, a "push" or tie is considered a loss, and therefore the entire bet is considered lost. To win a Teaser, it is necessary for all of our selections to win .
The pay table varies according to the bookmaker
There may be some additional regulations when making your selections.

🔸What is an If Bet?

If Bets is a type of conditional bet, where several straight bets are you condition one before another, allow bettors to increase the number of bets you can make on a ticket, limiting their risk. With ‘If Bets’, each individual bet after the first bet will only take effect if the previous bet is a winner. This is a way of risking only a certain amount of money with the possibility of winning a lot more if you can put together a few wins in a row.

It is a great way to manage funds, if a bettor wants to place more than one bet, but does not have the funds in his account to bet them all separately or if he does not want to risk more than a fixed amount during the day.

If a bettor has his last $ 110 in his account, then an If Bet would make a lot of sense. Instead of betting, say $ 55 on one game and $ 55 on another, you could bet the full $ 110 on the if-bet if the first pick has a very good chance of winning, and then bet on the 2nd pick again, having that yes won the first.

🔸What is a Round Robin?

Round Robin betting is a type of bet where several teams are selected between, three and ten teams, with these teams. As many combinations of parlays or combinations of two teams as possible are created. In a round-robin bet, the total amount wagered in a round-robin is the amount of money that you bet on each parlay that composes it on each two-team parlay.

If you bet $ 200 on a Round Robin that generates 6 two-team parlays, you are betting a total of $ 1200. If one of your teams in the round-robin bet loses, all the parlays associated with that team also lose. In the event of a tie with one of your teams, all parlays associated with that team become a straight bet. The risk of this direct bet is the same as that of the parlay. Each two-team parlay has a payout of 13/5 (2.6 to 1).

This type of bet is usually made for low amounts, using selections that are often very attractive.

🔸What is a Win Reverse vs. Action Reverse?

A Win Reverse or Winning Reverse Bet is very similar to an Action Reverse or Action Reverse Bet. We are going to use the terms in the English language since in Latin America we always take different grammatical licenses and these translations can vary greatly from one country to another.

A Win Reverse is two or more bets that structure multiple individual bets in a sequence (similar to an If Bet). with the condition that all selections must have ” action ” and ” win ” (in Baseball this condition of action or no-action is widely used, if we play direct bets linked directly to the pitcher or pitcher who starts the game, if change before starting many bets are considered “no action” or invalid, given the important role of the pitcher in baseball)

In an Action Reverse, rather the condition is that the secondary bets are valid only if the first falls into the category of “no action” or “no action” as is the case with some constancy in baseball or MLB

The difference between a winning reverse bet and an action reverse bet is how they handle the situation when a particular line or bet has no action.
No Action / No Action:

Other than a pitcher change in baseball, a line or bet has no effect when:

A game is canceled or delayed or canceled altogether.
A game or match ends exactly on the point spread on which it was wagered.

⚠️If the reason you are using win reverse is to manage your bankroll, you may prefer the “if bets” conditional bets, because the only scenario in which a second bet is made is if you have already benefited from the first.

Like Teasers, the bookmakers that offer these options may additionally have different rules.

🔸What is the Asian handicap?

The Asian handicap is a type of bet that is used in many sports to compensate for the imbalance that two opposing teams can pose.

For example, in the FA Cup, we see many small teams tied against Premier League giants every season. If Southampton were to play Newport, the betting odds would be heavily skewed in Newport’s favor. Your chances would be slim. And that makes betting on Southampton to win, draw or lose, often referred to as the 1X2 type of bet, not very tempting. What the Asian Handicap does is balance those odds by offering to even the score.

The Asian handicap levels both teams’ odds into pairs, so the probability of winning for either bet is closer to 50%. This is done by putting a handicap on a team that wins or loses by “adding” or “subtracting” to their final goal count. The big difference is that you can get your bet back if a team fails or falls below your handicap mark.

One of the main reasons bettors like to bet on soccer with the Asian handicap markets is because their bet is more easily hedged. This is because a tie is a great possibility, which means that there are three realistic outcomes for a game. Asian Handicap covers you effectively for that intermediate result.

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