Take advantage of Value Bets

Say you bet $10 on 5,000 Stacks @2.5 sports bets. If we follow the probability, you will therefore have 2500 winning bets and 2500 losing bets.

You win: (€10 X 2500 X 2.5) – (10 X €2500) = €37,500 net profit
You lose: €10 X 2500 = €25,000 loss
Total: + €12,500

Spotting Value Bets

The whole problem is finding odds @2.5 on a bet with a 50% chance of winning. Knowing that the bookmakers take a margin and know the sport, you have to be better than them on some 사설토토 betting. This then forces you to be rigorous and not bet on anything. Aiming for Value Bet forces you to adopt winning bettor behavior:

You bet less than 5% per bet to withstand losing streaks (variance) and “stay alive” in the long run
You analyze each bet to get the upper hand on the bookmaker
You do not bet on everything and anything because only a few bets per day are "value"
You are not looking to redo yourself because you know you will be a winner in the long run

Technique 2: Surebet

The second among Sports Betting Tricks Techniques is SureBet. The sure bet can be a good way to generate guaranteed income but beware, this method can be dangerous. Let’s make one thing clear. NO, the sure bet is not a miracle method. NO, the sure bet will not make you rich. NO, the sure bet is not a great opportunity not to be missed. Those who say that are liars at best, crooks at worst.

Explanation of the sure bet

For each bet, there are always at least two possible events. For these two events, two odds are offered. The sure bet is when these two odds are high enough that by taking them both you will make a profit no matter what.

Explanation of the sure bet
A bookmaker alone will never offer you two odds that allow you to make a sure bet. Otherwise, he can go out of business immediately without going through square one and even less touch 20,000 euros.

But the advantage in the world of sports betting is that it is highly competitive. On the internet, even taking only serious and reputable bookmakers, there are well over a hundred.

A hundred bookmakers. In each of these 100 online betting sites, an employee was responsible for determining the odds for the basketball game X against Y. The probability that these 100 individuals fell on the same odds is not minimal, it is impossible.

And assuming that happens, the odds will never be the same since not all bookmakers apply the same margins on them. If of these 200 odds (100 for X, 100 for Y) you manage to find one of each high enough to offset the other, you have your sure bet.

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