Rules to follow to win a sports bet

A bet remains a bet: You must be aware that when you bet there is always a risk of losing , even if you have analyzed the matches perfectly and even if the odds are very low. You can never be 100% sure.
The Bankroll: The Bankroll is your online account at your bookmaker, where you transfer money to be able to bet. You have to know how to manage it well so as not to lose big. If you limit the transfers, you guarantee yourself not to lose everything at once.
Do not attempt exotic matches: Even if certain odds are more attractive for the less known championships, you have to be very careful about the surprises they generate.
Do not combine too much: The more you combine, the more the odds go up but, and it is logical, the chances of losing too. Don't be blinded by greed.
Knowing how to lose: When you lose, you need to know  why you lost before making another bet. You don't have to want to hold back at all costs.
Analyze matches:  Do not bet impulsively. Before each bet, you must always analyze the matches (teams, previous results, form, home/away, etc.).
External factors:  Don't forget the external factors which can be very important (public, climate, date, stadium, state of the pitch…).
Favorite team:  Never bet on your favorite team, because your analysis will always be wrong .
Choose your bookmaker well: Before you start sports betting,  choose your bookmaker carefully . Odds, bonuses and offers are very different depending on the bookmaker.

Technique 1: Value Betting

The first among the techniques and advice in 사설토토 Betting is the Value Bet. To be a winning bettor over the long term, you must play almost exclusively on Value Bets.

This notion is decisive because it forces the bettor to think about his bets. One of the biggest mistakes beginner bettors make is betting on instinct, without real thought.

Trying to determine if a bet is a Value Bet requires the player to mathematically estimate the odds of the event succeeding.
Definition of Value Betting

A bet is a Value Bet if the probability of success is greater than the profitability of the bet. Let’s take a simple and well-known example, the game of heads or tails. On a non-rigged Heads or Tails game, you have a 50% chance of heads and a 50% chance of heads. A probability of success of 50% is equivalent to a rating of 2.

Value Betting
Let’s now assume that the bookmaker Bwin offers odds of 2.5 on the pile. (50% X 2.5) / 100 = 1.25 The Value Bet formula is [(Proba X Cote)/100]. If this result is greater than 1, we are facing a value bet.

The more the result is greater than 1, the more the value bet will be profitable. On the higher case, we, therefore, have a Value Bet index of 1.25, this bet is, therefore, profitable and must be played.

Betting on a Value Bet does not mean that your bet will necessarily win. It just means that in the long run, you will be a winner.

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