Control your emotions.

A good bettor controls his emotions.

Even if you are a fan of Marseille, you will be able to bet on PSG when the context is right.

Even if you’re on a big losing streak, you’ll remember my first 토토사이트 betting tip and still bet only 1% of your bankroll instead of trying to recover and bet 10% a shot (which you will probably lose).

Controlling your emotions is one of the keys to making money in sports betting.

Choose your bookmakers wisely

You were probably expecting this 4th sports betting tip.

Choosing the right sports betting site is essential.

Seen from afar, all the sites look alike but when you start to look for the small beast, each site has its specificities, its sports where it excels.

There are sites with a more interesting and less restrictive welcome bonus.

Sites with a cool app for your smartphone.

Sites with excellent odds.

And sites that will continue to take your bets even if you are still winning. And on the contrary, some sites block you when you win too much (because you make them lose too much money).
ARJEL-approved sites

If you live in France, you should normally register on an ARJEL-approved site (this is the regulatory authority for online games, it authorizes certain sites to operate on the French market, and others are refused). Approved sites are reliable, meet a long list of requirements, and will always pay you the money they owe you. It is also unlikely that your bets will be blocked if you win too much.

I particularly recommend for France the ARJEL approved sports betting site of the Française des Jeux, Parions Sport, and the Netbet site. These 2 sites reimburse you up to 100 euros on your first bet if it loses.

The concern of these ARJEL-approved sites is that the ratings are less interesting (because the taxes are taken at source, and therefore the ratings reflect the taxes). And the first rule of the professional bettor is to watch the odds.
Sites outside ARJEL

So to circumvent all this, you can bet on a site outside ARJEL. They are also called Because these are sites accessible from anywhere in the world. Like Betfair, Pinnacle, Bet365, 5dimes, or Matchbook. They do not block players and offer excellent odds (much much better than ARJEL sites).

It is these bookmakers that professional bettors use because they allow the best return on investment. Moreover, it is to such an extent that the same bettor can be negative if he uses an ARJEL site, and positive by using one of the non-ARJEL sites. Indeed, a small difference in odds between two sites, multiplied by 1000 or 2000 bets, quickly switches from positive to negative…

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