About the Teams or Contestants:

Favorite vs. Unfavorable / «Underdog»:

Before bettors can determine the betting lines for a game, they must first determine which team is the favorite to win; and in turn; which team is the most likely loser (unfavorable) called underdog in the English language where the term originates and does not have a direct translation into the Spanish language, so in this 야마토게임 betting guide we will continue to call it unfavorable or underdog .

In simple terms: the favorite is the team that is expected to win the game and the underdog is the team that is expected to lose the game.

A favorite is represented by a minus (negative) sign before an integer; (for example, -110 / -220 / -1800); while the unfavorable team or with the highest probability of losing is represented by a plus sign (positive) before a number / digit (for example: +110 / +160 / +450).
Money to earn according to each case:

When it comes to the favorite: the number represents how much money you must put at risk to win $ 100, whether it is MXN, USD, S / a depending on your account, it is in one currency or another.

  1. Direct Bets and the 3 basic types:
    Sportsbook Betting Hunter Guide

🔸 Money Line, Money Line or « A Ganar «

Bookmakers mainly offer two types of bets that involve a bet on a favorite or an underdog at any sporting event. The first type of bet is known as ” direct bet to win ” on the Money Line or Money Line, there are other options that we will explain below

For novice sports bettors, the best place to start at any bookmaker is exactly here, with money line betting.

🔸What are money line bets or money line?

The money line or money line is a betting option where all that matters is that the team or player you selected wins the game or sporting match, there is nothing else to take into consideration.

It’s just about betting on who wins, be it the underdog or the underdog. In all sports or events, there is usually a winner and a loser. Therefore, in sports betting, there is nothing easier than betting on the team to win.

📍-Favorites will have a minus sign before the assigned value, such as -110, -150, -200, and so on.

📍-On the other hand, the underdog or unfavorable will have the sign “plus” before the assigned value, such as +110, +150, +200, etc.
🔸How does the money line or money line work?

This sports betting guide shows you the key aspect of a money line bet is in its composition:

Odds of a favorite correlate to the amount (bet/risk) that a sports bettor would have to bet to win $ 100, while the odds of underdogs correlate with the amount a sports bettor would win by betting $ 100.

Betting on a Favorite: If the favorite has a odds of -110, a sports bettor would have to bet $ 110 to win $ 100. In case the bet wins, the bettor receives a total of $ 220 ($ 100 win + $ 110 bet). If the favorite does not win, the bet is considered a losing bet and the sports bettor only loses the $ 110 bet risked at the start.
Betting on an underdog: If the underdog has a odds of +250, a sports bettor would have to bet $ 100 to win $ 250. In case the bet wins, the sports bettor will receive $ 350 ($ 250 + $ 100 bet). If the underdog does not win, the bet is considered a losing bet and the bettor only loses the $ 100 bet.

⚠️Money lines or Money Lines are available on platforms sportsbook for all sports, including football, NFL, NCAA (college football), NHL, tennis, soccer, UFC, MMA, boxing, etc.

It should be noted in this guide that in the case of soccer sports betting, there is a third option when it comes to money lines, which is the tie between the 2 teams at the end of the regulatory 90 minutes and before overtime or shots from the point penalty. When betting on soccer you can bet on: Favorite / Unfavorable and on the Draw

🔸 The Handicap or Point Spread

The second type of direct bet offered by sports betting houses, which involves betting on a favorite or an underdog, is the handicap, spread, or point spread ( ⚠️same thing 3 different names). Handicap betting is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of sports betting. Whether you’re a beginner or a keen sports bettor, handicap betting is key to a solid strategy.

🔸What is the Handicap or Point Spread?

Bets on the Handicap or Point Spread, involve betting on the margin of victory. Simply put, it is a bet where a team is going to exceed expectations rather than the outcome (winner or loser) of the game.

Handicap betting becomes particularly useful when there is an obvious mismatch, and the favorite team seems to be a safe choice seems to be almost ‘safe’ in online money betting markets, where a straight bet is simply not very good. attractive.

The bookmakers determine the point spread for sportsbook, according to the perception of how each team will perform during a game and a series of mathematical rules; which are then represented by a certain amount of points for both the favorite, from whom points are subtracted in the final score, and the underdog, to which points are added to the final score, this represented in a simple way by positive signs +, or negative -, according to.
Handicap in sports betting

A disadvantage is established between the two teams, the favorite and the underdog, which levels the playing field, what is achieved is that a bet on either side is equally attractive. This also means that there is a scenario where a team loses a game, but a sports bettor wins his bet. On the contrary, also that of a scenario in which a team wins a game, but a sports bettor loses his bet.

For example, if you want to win $ 100 USD on a -180 line, then you must first have the balance available and then risk $ 180 for every $ 100 you want to win.

When it comes to the unfavorable: the number represents how much money you win for every $ 100 (units bet), whether they are MXN, USD, S / a depending on your account, it is in one currency or another.

So in the same way then in this case, if you bet $ 100 USD on a team +550, you will win $ 550 if that team wins.

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