Beating the Online Casino


Many books have been written on how to beat the online casino, and several of them can be quite useful – especially when it comes to understanding how online casinos work, and how to make the best of the free offers and promotions that they offer. They all seem to share a common strategy which simply states that players should spend time determining which casinos have the best sign-up bonuses and other promotions, play games with low stakes that have low house edges (for instance blackjack and baccarat) until you have played through your sign up bonus sufficient times that you need to according to the casino’s terms and conditions, and then take your money and move on to the next casino.
But does this really work? In order to find out, we will look at a well-known 라이브카지노. This particular casino is offering a 150% sign-up bonus up to a value of £150 so we deposit £100. We find that we have a total of £250 credited to us, but according to the terms and conditions, we need to play through it 20 times before we can cash out and that there are additional requirements on such games as blackjack and roulette. In fact with blackjack, we must play through 400 times, which seems to be a lot.
Never mind – we are basic strategy blackjack players and there is a game with a house edge of only 0.4% which is very good.
In total we need to wager 100 x £150 = £15,000 which means that our anticipated loss will be £60 which is considerably less than our bonus, so with blackjack, we would expect to make a clear profit of £90.
So let us look at another game. With slots, we only need to play through the bonus 20 times so the total wager is £3,000. We have found a game with a house edge of 3% so we would expect to lose £90 of our free £150 bonus which would still leave us with a cool profit of £60.
So it seems that the advice offered is real, and we really can beat the online casino by making the best of the sign-up bonus.
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